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Win Game Maker 7 License + Book

Hello world! I'm excited to talk about the first prize offered on battleballgame.net.

Even though I do not use Game Maker, I've enjoyed many games made with it.  GM is an amazing game development tool which has been used by many gamers worldwide. It helps to unleash their creative energies by being focused and accessible. Mark Overmars is also a great writer with an engaging style. I feel the Pro license and his book make a great combination.


  • Game Maker 7.0 Pro Edition (more details)
  • "The Game Makers Apprentice" by its creator Mark Overmars and by Jacob Habgood

The book prize is available in most countries outside Africa and the Middle East.


How to win a prize

Since this is everyone's first time I'll explain here how to win a prize. The information is repeated in the FAQ.

  1. create an account link
  2. sign up for the tournament link
  3. download the software link
  4. find players in the lobby
  5. invite them to a tournament game
  6. defeat them
  7. profit!

Defeating a higher level player is worth much more. You should level up from training games both to get the better paddle, and so other high level players are interested to play against you.

All players in the tournament will win experience points proportional to their victories, except the first place player! He will surrender half of his exp to give others a chance next time.


Tournament near its final day!

With only one more day to go, d000hg retains the top spot he has held since Tuesday. However we have seen an influx of very capable European players who won't be easily beaten. The current 2nd place, dannielum maintains a full arsenal of battles in store. Is he saving them for a weekend onslaught? And what about chigsam, can he continue to play, or will he be brought down by more injuries? Who will be the game maker's apprentice at the end of this show?

BudderN wins!

BudderN pulled in a brilliant performance as a late comer to the tournament. He will have to be super-human, however, to win the next one. The "near winners"  have gained massive experience points and levels. The Civ A tournament is fought with competition rules, which will require lots of practice and a patient approach.

The book prize is now available in most of Europe. Congratulations again to BudderN in Norway! His response: "I just love this game!"

TournamentPlayers/MaxBattles/DayStart DateEnd DatePrize2nd Place
Apprentice A 36/unlimited 2 08/07/07 08/11/07 GM License+Book2500 exp


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